miguel marín  music composer

Miguel Marín, music composer

Marin has taken his music to soundtracks for Films, documentaries, dance or even theatre and video installations.

At the age of 9 started playing percusión and when he was 16 recorded his first album as drummer for a local band in seville. Since then Marin has written his own music and collaborated with a range of unique artists (Bigas Luna, Leo Obstbaum, Jack Davies, Santiago Garrido, Erre que erre, Decalage dance company, Chamaleon dance company, Saju Hari and Navala Chaudhari).

He lived in London for nearly a decade and worked there drumming for british bands (Piano Magic) and making music for Films and TV (Eve and channel 4).

In 2001 he began “Arbol“, a recording solo project that would later take him on tour around the World (Japan, USA and all Europe) and play the best music festivals (Sónar 03, 05, 06, 07, 08 and 09 NYC, Offf, Cinesthesy, Cimatics, Moves, among others)

Arbol has released three albums with collaborations from Suzy Mangion, Jordi Saludes aka D-fried, Eri Makino, Haruna Komatsu, Eugenie Garrett, John Cheves, Tim Isted, James Topham, Elias Pappas and Paul Tornbohrn.

Arbol’s new live band include violinist Sara Perez and cellist Björt Runarsdottir.

Nowdays, Miguel Marin works together with film director Bigas Luna on the making of a new feature film and the theme for the Spanish Pavillion at the Universal Exposition of Shangai 2010.

Marin also Works with the following dance companies:
Decalage, Chamaleon, Navala Chaudhari, Erre que Erre, Bridget Fiske, Cecilia Colacrai and Joao Costa.

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